Eng. Zain Lamie

Eng. Zain Lamie stands as the cornerstone of the company's entity. He is one of the most important engineering consultants in Egypt and possesses a vision and capabilities that enabled him to build the giant Edgestone Group, which has a long history of achievements in the implementation of 120 projects in various sectors such as infrastructure, industrial construction, and urban communities.
Eng. Zain Lamie graduated from the Faculty of Engineering and is currently serving as the Founder and Chairman of Edge Stone Group. He has over 40 years of construction and development experience, and has a great ability to strategize with a forward-looking vision to create promising investment opportunities.

Eng Tarek Zain

With contemporary entrepreneurial thinking, Engineer Tarek Zain leads Edgestone Developments to new heights in the urban communities sector, aiming to bring a qualitative shift in the urban sector to satisfy the customer's needs.
Engineer Tarek Zain graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Edgestone Developments, and has the ability to lead and look ahead in a way that can adapt the possibilities to take advantage of the upcoming opportunities.